Tailor made KVM solutions for your control room application

Maximum safety in control room applications

Especially control room technology needs to be highly reliable. Controllers have to monitor many different processes at the same time, yet maintain their concentration continuously. Our KVM systems provide additional features especially developed for your control room application.

In addition to easy operation via buttons or an intuitive GUI. The Push/Get function allows users to display the screen contents of one desk at the monitor of another or at any large format display. A safety package including preventive monitoring, reporting functions and redundant components will finish off the application.

Diversity, combinable & impressive

The diversity of our devices is reflected in its myriad applications. Whether control rooms in broadcast, air traffic management, automation, marine and other sectors such as telecommunications and finances. - thanks to the flexibility and combinability of our devices it is possible to use them in a wide variety of environments.

All of our devices undergo an external test, which ensures that they are even a perfect fit for environments that need to comply with special tests and norms.

KVM in broadcast applications

Thanks to KVM, computers can be removed from studios and OB vans and thus creates a pleasant working environment – especially in broadcasting where concentration is required.

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KVM in maritime applications

Strong winds, salty air, waves and vibrations are just some of the strains the board equipment is exposed to. Therefore, any IT component must be as robust and reliable as possible.

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KVM in ATC applications

Controllers need to work concentrated without distractions. Removing computers into separate plant rooms, preventive monitoring and a fallback system helps them to work safely.

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KVM in industrial applications

Whenever multiple production processes take place and need to be monitored and operated from various locations, KVM products are an essential part of the IT installation.

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