KVM solutions for command & control applications

Tailor-made for maximum security and reliability

Every day, our KVM solutions prove themselves in numerous mission-critical applications in 24/7 operation by offering highest quality and reliability for maximum security. They improve the working conditions for humans and machines and are always available when it comes to making quick decisions.

The growing use of computer systems, even in highly sensitive areas such as command & control centers, mobile units or military control rooms, implies ever-increasing demands for reliability and maximum cyber security.

We offer KVM systems in which you can trust.

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Due to the secrecy required in the military sector, the following examples show applications that can be adapted for command and control applications

DFS – Deutsche Flugsicherung

As the aircraft approaches its destination, the pilot switches to autopilot. Not for the first time during the flight he hands over the safety of his passengers and crew to the air traffic controllers on the ground. Already during takeoff and even after landing, they keep their eyes on the flight. Some of the controllers monitor the airspace from control centers while others follow the traffic from the tower.

No matter where they work, everyone has the same responsible task: getting all airplanes safely to the ground. For this task, air traffic controllers are supported by their team, their KVM management and leading-edge technology from G&D

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Wiener Netze GmbH

Every day, 2.6 million people in the greater Vienna area rely on electricity, gas and district heating to function perfectly. Electricity, gas and heat are important pillars of modern societies taking them for granted. However, most people are unaware of the complex tasks involved in supplying electricity, gas and district heating.

Wiener Netze monitors and controls the high-voltage and medium-voltage network as well as the gas network in a conurbation with about 2.6 million inhabitants and ensures that the metropolis is constantly supplied with energy.

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High degree of safety and cyber security for command & control centers

Safety is extreme important

The growing use of computer systems, even in highly sensitive security areas, such as command and control centers, mobile applications units or military control rooms, increases the demand for reliability and maximum cyber security.
In such sensitive areas, control room technicians must be able to fully trust the technical equipment running in the background. For a good reason, operators demand maximum security, performance and usability from their IT systems.
G&D KVM systems impress with various safety aspects.

With the help of these systems, computers can be moved out of control centers and into safe, access-protected equipment rooms. The computers are operated remotely – with a set consisting of screen, keyboard and mouse. Thanks to dedicated cabling, the computer sources are made available at the workstations. Especially the use of optical fibres guarantees absolutely tap-proof transmission.

For G&D, safety is extremely important. Therefore, the devices provide features such as the screen-freeze function, the monitoring function, redundant power supplies and SNMP.

How KVM works in command & control applications

Work in control rooms as efficiently as possible

Data-critical command & control applications always require continuous monitoring. With their SNMP and monitoring functions, as well as many work-facilitating functionalities such as CrossDisplay-Switching, the push-get function, scenario switching and the screen-freeze function, G&D KVM systems help making the work in control rooms as efficiently as possible for all parties involved.

KVM matrix switches enable decentralized access to the computer technology so that large, distributed installations can be used flexibly. Thanks to the access rights management, controlled access to computer technology and thus to information and programs is also ensured.

Separating humans from IT equipment

Move computers to access-protected and air-conditioned technical rooms

Thanks to KVM, computers can be moved to an access-protected and air-conditioned technical room. Firstly, this significantly improves the working conditions of employees, considerably reduces the noise level at the workplace, prevents unnecessary heat emissions and saves space, which is already scarce. Staff still have full access to the remote computers – in real time and at full performance.

Of course, user rights management allows you to determine exactly who can access which computers. Secondly, by removing computers from the working environment they are much better protected against unauthorized USB data access, for example.

Separating networks and cyber security

A major security advantage with dedicated proprietary network set up for KVM systems

The technical room usually also offers more space, for example to spatially separate computers according to security level.
KVM systems are hardware-based and therefore do not rely on software that could be infected or manipulated. They use the standard interfaces of a computer – i.e. keyboard, video and mouse – as a link and extend the signals to the remote workstation. The KVM devices themselves exclusively use original firmware. Uncompressed, transparent data transmission via optical fibers or compressed data transmission with data encoding even further increases security. Unauthorized eavesdropping and access attempts, for example, are prevented with 1:1 connections via optical fibers.

The dedicated proprietary network set up for KVM systems has a major security advantage: the networks are kept separate. KVM systems can be installed and operated completely detached from the general network, which minimizes IT risks. The systems can be accessed from the same console, but do not establish a data connection.

Redundant KVM infrastructures

Our KVM systems offer numerous options for creating redundancies for mission-critical applications, when all IT components must be available at all times. Thus, implementing security concepts and cyber security is particularly important. It is therefore particularly important that IT security concepts contain redundant systems in these fields of application. If a primary route, a computer or a workstation fails, you can simply switch to a redundant route, a back-up computer or a redundant workstation. This way you can finish your work safely and in a familiar environment.
G&D offers you many years of experience in setting up redundant KVM systems and is therefore able to optimally implement redundancy concepts.

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Monitoring and SNMP

Monitoring and SNMP functions are part of many G&D products and help monitoring the system statuses of G&D products and the system statuses of connected peripherals

Thanks to the system's permanent monitoring, the administrator can react to critical conditions (e.g. exceeding temperatures, miscommunications with the keyboard interface, or problems with the redundant system) before they lead to failures. The monitoring and SNMP function avoids system failures, increases availability and allows both users and system administrator to work more efficiently. Best suited for mission-critical applications such as live events or monitoring tasks.

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