KVM in industrial applications

Product reliability – 24/7

Many years of being partners to companies in industrial process control have made us aware of the special features each sector requires. As a result, you can be sure that we can provide the perfect solution no matter how exacting the demand.

We use optical fibres to transmit signals, making our systems insensitive to any kind of interfering radiation and ideal for use in the tough environments of some industry sectors. Without the need for fans, our systems offer protection against dust as well. With G&D KVM products you can also operate devices from different points throughout the process.

Crown Van Gelder N.V.

Crown Van Gelder N.V. manufacture and sell high-quality speciality products in the woodfree uncoated and single-coated paper sector. Based in Velsen, The Netherlands, the company currently produces 220,000 tons of paper a year.

The mill occupies a site of 10 hectares situated on the North Sea Canal and is supplied with electricity by its own total energy power plant.

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How KVM works in the chemical industry

Thanks to KVM products computers can be removed from workplaces into central equipment areas, completely separated from the production-level users. By employing KVM matrix switches, e.g. the ControlCenter-Digital, it is possible to operate several hundreds of computers via several hundreds simultaneous workstations.

The computers are housed in the computer room from where they can be easily operated over a separate administration console. A dedicated CAT-x or fibre optic connection integrates the productive workplaces into the operational concept. Now users work on their computers without realising any latency or loss of quality.

Each user can access every computer remotely. Flexible operting concepts create ideal environmental conditions for both users and computers. A broad range of switchable signals guarantees efficient work for the users.

How KVM optimizes working for energy suppliers

Every day, energy suppliers provide power, gas and heat to millions of people. Here, everything needs to work without any interruptions – 24/7, 365 days a year. In addition to securing the voltage level and the load distribution, employees in the control room are responsible for monitoring all resources. Complex control centres and data management systems require many computers and various peripherals.

With the help of KVM equipment such as KVM matrix switches, it is possible to remove complex computer installations from the workstations and place them in a separate, specially equipped technology room. The distance to the remote computers is bridged by computer modules and user modules connected to the central matrix via CAT cables or optical fibres. By applying these user modules, users operate their computers as if they were placed at their workstations.

In control rooms of energy suppliers, KVM products are used to separate humans and computers. Despite this separation, users are still able to operate their computers remotely. And yet performance, colors and images remain stable and reliable. Any data is transmitted over existing cablings.

KVM in the automotive industry

OB trucks are equipped with the most sophisticated HD technology for live broadcasts and events. Using such small spaces efficiently is therefore essential. All workstations of production, slo-mo, audio and video areas access a computer pool in a server rack placed in the back of the truck. Here, any computers are connected to a KVM matrix switch, e.g. DVICenter DP32 from Guntermann & Drunck.

Computers are connected over their standard interfaces (keyboard, video, mouse and audio, USB and RS232) via according modules. CAT cables connect these modules to the matrix switch and to the user module (DVI-CON) placed at the user‘s desk. The solution optimises the existing working conditions by saving valuable space and reducing noise and emissions. With the help of a KVM matrix switch, all computers could be removed from desks and were stored in the technology area.

Users, however, can still access all computers remotely in real time – from each console within the truck. Multi monitor workstations are operated with only one keyboard and one mouse thus reducing the number of required peripherals. To switch between and access computers to carry out tasks, technicians either use the onscreen-display or simply press a button.