KVM solutions for your individual requirements

We offer the largest product portfolio on the market

With KVM solutions from Guntermann & Drunck you can make the most of any IT installation. Whether you want to operate several hundred computers from one workstation or extend access to computers to up to 10,000 metres. Our KVM products provide solutions for any requirements.

Let our powerful and versatile devices convince you. Our products are compatible with any common computer systems and, depending on features and project requirements, transmit all necessary computer signals. Any G&D products as well as their variants can be combined and are compatible with one another.

Marketable KVM solutions require vision

Operating as one of the leading manufacturers of KVM extenders, switches and matrix switches over many years has enabled us to gain solid knowledge in developing and manufacturing our products.

Approved through external tests for highest quality

All of our devices undergo thorough external tests. We want to make sure that they are suited for all applications however demanding they be.

Compatible and combinable

The ways in which our broad product portfolio can be combined even in large and complicated projects never ceases to amaze our customers. Already impressive in their basic version, our product variants are even more versatile when combined together. This guarantees a clean installation and ensures that your system is always available. Let our powerful and versatile KVM solutions convince you.

KVM solutions for any requirements

Make the most of your IT installation

KVM Extender

With KVM Extenders, you can operate computers over distances up to 10,000 m and still work in real time. The systems consist of a computer module and a user module (transmitter and receiver).

KVM extender - Extend your possibilities

KVM in ATC applications

With our and KVM Switches, you can operate 2 - 64 computers over one user console. They allow a peripheral-saving solution for a user-friendly and ergonomic environment.

KVM switches - Switch to clear workplaces

Digital KVM matrix switches

With digital KVM matrix systems, users are able to connect several hundred computers and workstations. The systems can be flexibly configured. Digital KVM matrix systems are based on digital video signals like DisplayPort and DVI yet analogue video sources can be connected as well.

Digital KVM matrix systems - Access IT from everywhere

Analog KVM matrix systems

Depending on configuration and system, you can use analog KVM matrix systems to connect up to 2048 computers over 128 consoles.

Analog KVM matrix systems are based on VGA video signals yet digital video sources can be connected as well.

Analog KVM matrix systems

KVM add-ons

Our KVM add-on products increase the productivity of your KVM application. We provide the following add-on products. Monitoring appliance for G&D devices, TFT keyboard drawer, intelligent keyboards and more powerful expansions for your system can be found here.

KVM add-ons - Increase your productivity