Easy and intuitive operating concepts thanks to KVM

Enable the seamless interaction of independent and heterogeneous systems

KVM systems are highly interoperable and enable the seamless interaction of independent, heterogeneous systems. All G&D matrix systems can be optimally integrated with existing control and monitoring systems to ensure uniform operation and bundle multi-level processes.

G&D's KVM systems can be combined with all standard broadcast or control room control systems to simplify complex control room scenarios.


Thanks to the IP-Control-API function, G&D’s KVM matrices communicate with the existing control or monitoring system and can execute any switching commands – for example, the simultaneous switching for different program requirements or the exchange of setups between several control rooms.

This allows you to operate an entire control room cluster or multi-media studio in a user-friendly way.

Your advantages

  • Seamless collaboration of independent, heterogeneous systems
  • Original control room equipment is integrated as usual – despite remote computers
  • Efficient, fast exchange of information between systems
  • Simple operation of complex, multi-stage processes

How does the interaction between KVM technology and control and monitoring systems work?

In this control room scenario, the KVM matrix ControlCenter-Compact serves as a bridge between IT and original control room equipment. All five consoles at the operator station are connected to the matrix and can also be operated via CrossDisplay-Switching. In addition, the control room is equipped with a large video wall which displays several video sources.

An integrated video wall controller simplifies the management of the video wall. This controller communicates with the matrix using the IP-Control-API and can therefore execute switching commands via network. The matrix can take control as well and select and switch sources for the video wall. This way, operators always have the proper equipment at hand and can switch any sources to sinks.

Outstanding interoperability and integration

The digital KVM matrix systems


The ControlCenter-Digital is a KVM matrix switch, which helps you operate multiple computers via multiple consoles. With its modular setup, the ControlCenter-Digital is highly flexible and ready to adapt to any surrounding conditions.

The ControlCenter-Digital


A KVM matrix system of the ControlCenter-Compact series consists of at least one central module, one console module and one computer module. The central module of the ControlCenter-Compact series is the central component of the KVM matrix system.

The ControlCenter-Compact


G&D has taken the features of the classic ControlCenter series and integrated it into the KVM-over-IP™ matrix. The resulting Control-Center-IP combines the advantages of both devices.

The ControlCenter-IP

Benefit from our know how

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