Expand the possibilities of your digital matrix system

Expand your digital KVM matrix system with useful hard- or software upgrades. Increase your installation through cascading and the Dynamic-UserCenter, benefit from greater system ranges via DVI-FiberLink or make operation even more intuitive with CrossDisplay-Switching.

Hardware expansions

The hardware components are connected to the ControlCenter-Digital and fully integrated into operation. Power-switching, for example, can be carried out in the OSD.

We provide the following hardware expansions:

  • Increase the number of computers by cascading with other ControlCenter-Digital systems
  • Double the number of consoles with the DVI-CPU-UC computer modules (also applicable for backup systems/mirrored systems)
  • Increase the system's range up to 10,000 m by integrating an optical fibres line (DVI-FiberLink)
  • Increase the system's range up to 140 m by integrating an CAT line (CAT-Repeater)
  • Remote power-switching with HardBoot CCX

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More computers

When cascaded into three levels, the DVICenter system increases the number of connectable computers. The master device takes over all controlling tasks. The listed possibilities guarantee the full access of all consoles to all computers over all cascade levels.

Cascading allows for an additional transmission distance of 140 m per DVICenter. When fully cascaded, the distance from computer through to the cascaded central modules up to the user module can be up to 560 m.

Example for cascading:

When configuring the DVICenter DP32 with
  • 2 console ports and 30 computer ports (stand-alone)
  • you can operate 450 computers via 2 simultaneous consoles in the first cascade. This requires 16 DVICenters.

The first DVICenter provides no ports for connecting computers. Its 30 computer ports transmit 15 × 2 = 30 console accesses to the 15 DVICenters of the first cascade level.

More consoles

If the number of consoles should be expanded over the capability of the central module, the UC computer modules and the Dynamic-UserCenter32 are available.

UC computer modules

Use UC modules instead of the usual computer modules to increase the number of consoles or to establish a redundant system.
Using a second RJ-45 socket, the UC module doubles the keyboard, video, mouse, and audio interfaces to the central module. Thus, a computer can be connected to two clusters. Combining the clusters with the corresponding central and user modules increases the number of consoles.

This requires
  • 1 x UC computer module per computer
  • + number of user modules according to the number of additional consoles
  • + central module according to the number in cluster

Details about the UC modules are given under computer modules.

More range through DVI-FiberLink and CAT-Repeater


The DVI-FiberLink increases the system range within a cluster to up to 10,000 m. The system consists of two identical modules (transceivers) and is available in two variants:


  • Transmission via 2 multi-mode fiber optics (50/125µm)
  • Range up to 550 m


  • Transmission via 2 single-mode fiber optics (9/125µm)
    Range up to 10,000 m
  • The pair of DVI-FiberLink devices can be placed between any module. One pair of DVI-FiberLink devices extends one access (console).


Employing the expansion module CAT-Repeater lets you extend the transmission range between two CAT components of a digital matrix switch of the DVICenter or ControlCenter-Digital series.
The use of an expansion module adds 140 metres to the overall transmission distance. You can use up to five expansion modules on one line.


We provide 19" rack mount solutions for easily installing the devices into a server rack. The solutions are listed under mounting solutions.

Power Switch HardBoot CCX

The HardBoot CCX is especially designed to be operated with G&D matrix switches (only for DVICenter). It enables the user to switch up to 128 users with one matrix switch.

The HardBoot CCX provides eight AC outputs per device. Two separate power circuits each contain four outputs. A power cluster contains up to 16 HardBoot devices (= 128 outputs).

The 128 outputs can be randomly grouped. This way, even redundant power packs are supported. The HardBoot CCX is connected to the DVICenter and operated via the DVICenter's OSD.

For more information on the HardBoot, please visit Power Switches.


Expansion of our digital KVM matrix systems