Increase your productivity with KVM add-on

Our KVM add-on products make your KVM applications more productive. Increasing your efficiency provides you with the best working experience.

Sophisticated solutions

From the first time you contact us, to detailed project planning and tailored installation right up to flexible support – you can always count on us as a qualified partner. As experienced specialists and one of the technology leaders in KVM our comprehensive solutions to a problem go far beyond basic KVM products. Therefore we invented the KVM add-on products to increase your productivity by using our KVM solutions.

We escort our customers anticipating future requirements. We consequently turn these requirements into high-end solutions such as rack mounting devices fittings, interconnecting multiple devices, switching and controlling computers via input devices.

Your advantages

  • Rack mounting solutions
  • Programmable input devices for optimised device control
  • Central, proactive monitoring and configuring
  • Tidy and space saving installations
  • Implementation of customer specific requirements

The following variants of KVM add-on solutions are available


The MultiPower series MultiPower-6 and MultiPower-12 are able to supply up to 6 or 12 G&D devices with 12 Volt (max. 600mA/Multi-Power-12 and max. 1,2A/MultiPower-6) that require an external power pack (for example DVI-CPU or DVI-Extender-F).



The HK-Controller forwards up to 20 key sequences to any G&D device.

  • Supporting 20 freely programmable ports
  • Customer can attach his own potential-free contacts
  • Pressing the key sends a control sequence to the connected G&D device
  • Available as desktop variant
  • Requires no software installation
  • Customer-owned hardware can be intgrated


The OperatorPanel simplifies the operation of KVM Switches by enabling push-button switching from the desk

  • Switching up to 8 channels by RS232 command with active response
  • "Enable” key prevents accidental switching
  • InDesk variant
  • Due to OperatorPanel you can install the switch anywhere to save place
  • 2 LEDs per button indicate active status information



The RackConsoles are 19“-mountable TFT keyboard drawers, which provide space saving access to a number of computers.


V-Switch quad

V-Switch quad - Real Time Multiviewer & Quad KVM Switch. The V-Switch quad is an exclusive combination of a multiviewer, video scaler, video converter, USB 2.0 matrix and KVM switch. V-Switch quad II simultaneously displays four analog or digital computers and video sources on a single screen.

Available variants

  • V-Switch quad XP
  • V-Switch quad II

V-Switch quad XP

V-Switch quad II


The 3G-SDI-DVI-Converter transforms SD, HD-SDI and 3G SDI signals to single-link DVI signals.



I-Keys are programmable input devices for often used keyboard commands (e.g. keyboard hotkeys).



Increase the productivity of your KVM application with our KVM add-on products

Benefit from our know how

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