FireWire-800 Transceiver - transmission of FireWire signals over optical fibres

FireWire-800 Transceiver signal extender systems extend signals according to IEEE1394b-2002 protocol (also backward-compatible to IEEE 1394a-2000 and -1995). A system consists of a computer module (transmitter) and a user module (receiver) and uses optical fibres to transmit signals up to 500 m. The two identical units can be interchanged.

Product details



  • Distances up to 500 m (2 × multimode 50/125 µ fiber optics)
  • Bidirectional transmission of signals according to protocol IEEE1394b-2002
  • Backward-compatible to IEEE 1394a-2000 and -1995
  • Connection over 2 × LC duplex plugs


  • Galvanic separation of transmitter and receiver
  • Insensitive to interference radiation
  • Available as desktop version
  • Identical units can be interchanged

The Installation

Connect the computer's interface of the FireWire card via the according cable to the bilingual socket of the FireWire-800 transceiver computer module. Installing the according hardware at the workplace is just as simple: connect the hardware to the bilingual socket of the FireWire-800 Transceiver receiver.

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