CAT-RS232 Extender - extends RS232 signals over CAT

RS232 signal extender systems extend RS232 signals. The system consists of a computer module (transmitter) and a user module (receiver) and uses CAT-x cables to transmit RS232 signals up to 400 m.

Product details



  • Distances up to 400 m in slow mode (57,600 bit/s)
  • Distances up to 300 m (115,200 bit/s)
  • Transmission over existing CAT-x cables (x = 5, 6, 7)
  • Transmission of bidirectional RS232 signals


  • LEDs indicate operating status
  • External power supply at each module
  • Available as desktop variant

The Installation

A confusion-proof cable links the computer's RS232 interface to the CAT-RS232 computer module. Connect your operating hardware to the corresponding interface of the CAT-RS232 receiver.

Use the existing CAT-x cabling infrastructure to link transmitter and receiver.

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