DL-DVI-MUX-NT - Dual-Link DVI KVM switch with mission-critical features

The KVM switch DL-DVI-MUX-NT enables you to operate up to four computers via one console. The console is provided with a USB keyboard, a USB mouse and up to four monitors. The switching process between computers takes place either via the push buttons on the front panel, configurable key combinations, or a serial device which is connected to the Service- or RS232 port.

Various Monitoring and SNMP features can be used via the network interfaces. These can also be used to configure the device via the Config Panel.

Product images

DL-DVI-MUX2-NT, DL-DVI-MUX4-NT and its multi channel variants

Front view DL-DVI-MUX2-NT

Rear view DL-DVI-MUX2-NT

Front view DL-DVI-MUX2-NT-MC2

Rear view DL-DVI-MUX2-NT-MC2

Front view DL-DVI-MUX4-NT-MC2

Rear view DL-DVI-MUX4-NT-MC2

Front view DL-DVI-MUX4-NT-MC4

Rear view DL-DVI-MUX4-NT-MC4

Product details of the KVM switch: DL-DVI-MUX-NT

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The DL-DVI-MUX-NT switches the following signals

  • Dual-Link-DVI (DVI-I interface supports analogue and digital video)
  • Keyboard/mouse
  • Audio (analog and embedded)
  • USB 3.0 transparent

Video resolution

Up to 4096 x 2160 @ 30Hz (4K @ 30 Hz) or 2560 x 1600 @ 60 Hz at 24 bit colour depth. More standardized resolutions within the max. pixelrate (330 MP/s) and refresh rate between 20 and 120 Hz possible.


  • Switches analog and embedded audio and transparent USB 3.0
  • Colour mode up to 24bit
  • Suitable for all operating systems
  • Hot-pluggable
  • OSD
  • 2 network interfaces
  • Web interface for remote configuration and displaying of the Monitoring values and channel switching
  • Redundant power supply
  • Channel switching via hotkey, SNMP, buttons, OSD, Webinterface, IP-Control or external serial device
  • Comprehensive proactive diagnostics by monitoring and SNMP
  • User management

Computer quantity

  • DL-DVI-MUX2-NT for up to two computers
  • DL-DVI-MUX4-NT for up to four computers


  • Available as desktop (DT) or rack mount (RM) variant

Video channels

  • Singlechannel
  • Multi-Channel 2
  • Multi-Channel 3
  • Multi-Channel 4

Peripheral connections

  • Available for USB connections

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