DL-MUX - KVM switch for 4K UltraHD resolution in mission-critical applications

With DL-MUX KVM switches, you can operate 2 or 4 computers over 1 user console.

The KVM switch DL-MUX switches Keyboard/mouse, dual link DVI and VGA, audio and USB 2.0. The device is available in variants transmitting 1, 2, 3, or 4 video channels.

With its network connection, the web interface and DLM monitoring, the DL-MUX4 provides numerous features for mission-critical applications.

Tempest certification

The DL-MUX4 MC2 is qualified for the Tempest certification (Zone 1 / SDIP 27 Level B (ER))

DLM monitoring function

The integrated DLM-Monitoring auto-transmits device status messages to syslog servers or sends them as SNMP. Manual monitoring is carried out over the web interface.

The DL-MUX monitoring function queries the following values:

  • Power supplies (on/off)
  • Temperature limit (above/below average)
  • Connection cable (interrupted/uninterrupted)
  • Computer (on/off)
  • DVI video input (available/not available)
  • Access settings (set preferences)

The DLM-Monitoring enables proactive monitoring instead of reactive maintenance.

Get detailed information about Monitoring & SNMP here

Easier access with SNMP tool Zabbix

For customers who are not yet using extensive SNMP tools, G&D offer a simple way to use the functions included in the devices. Templates for the open source tool Zabbix are provided here.

The program lets users monitor SNMP-capable devices in a network and, among other things, issues warning notifications about critical device states, which have been received via SNMP trap.

Download the free G&D Zabbix templates here

Product images

DL-MUX2, DL-MUX4 and its multi channel variants

Front view DL-MUX4

Rear view DL-MUX4

Front view DL-MUX2-MC2

Rear view DL-MUX2-MC2

Front view DL-MUX4_MC2

Rear view DL-MUX4-MC2

Front view DL-MUX4-MC4

Rear view DL-MUX4-MC4

Product details of the KVM switch: DL-MUX

Details, variants, expansion, installation, downloads & item numbers

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  • DVI resolution up to 2560 × 1600 @ 60Hz or 2k × 2k @ 60Hz per channel
  • VGA resolution up to 1920 × 1440 @ 75Hz or 2k × 2k @ 60Hz per channel
  • Video bandwidth DVI dual-link: 330 Mbps
  • Video bandwidth VGA up to 400 MHz
  • Mixed DVI/VGA operation on input and output side
  • E-DDC support
  • Single- and multi-channel variants
  • Supports Barco PVS graphics cards
  • Digital colour mode 24 bits or analog
  • Backward-compatible to single-link

Network / Communication / Safety

  • Two network ports
  • Configuration over web interface
  • Monitoring over SNMP and web interface
  • Reports device conditions (temperature, voltage, computer status etc.)
  • Identification LED for locating the device in complex installations
  • Redundant power supply
  • Logbook: electronic notes regarding the device; can be exported as .csv file
  • Also avaiable as variant with 12V power supply


  • Supports PS/2 and USB keyboard/mouse
  • Switches audio and transparent USB 2.0 signals


  • Accesses only the standard computer interfaces
  • Dual network connectivity
  • Configuration over web interface
  • Redundant power supply
  • Requires no software installation
  • Available as desktop and rack mount variant
  • Shipped in an aluminium casing for best interference resistance
  • Hot-pluggable

System upgrade

  • Updates through flash upgrades at device and over network (web interface)


  • Available as desktop (DT) or rack mount (RM) variant

Video channels

  • Single-Channel
  • MC2 - Multichannel variant with two video inputs per channel
  • MC3 - Multichannel variant with three video inputs per channel
  • MC4 - Multichannel variant with four video inputs per channel


With the IP-Control-API, it is possible to control the switch with an own user interface. So you can use your tailored interface to operate the switch.


Connect the computer to the back side of the devices. Standard cables link keyboard, video, mouse, audio, and USB interfaces to the switch.

  • Cable length of PS/2 cable sets: 2 m, 5 m
  • Cable length of USB cable sets: 2 m, 5 m

For installing the user console simply connect keyboard, monitor, mouse, speakers, and USB devices to the intended interfaces.

DL-MUX single channel variants

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DL-MUX multi channel variants

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