TradeSwitch - switching keyboard and mouse signals without video signals

With TradeSwitch KM switches, you can operate 2, 4 or 8 computers over only one set of keyboard/mouse.

TradeSwitch devices switch the following signals:

  • Keyboard/Mouse
  • Audio
  • USB 2.0

The switches do not process video signals. Each monitor of the user console is directly connected to the computer and permanently displays its image.

Product details



With integrated CrossDisplay-Switching, users can now switch between channels simply by moving the mouse. The mouse acts as if on a “virtual desktop” and can be moved seamlessly across the connected displays. Moving the cursor from the active to another display, the keyboardmouse focus automatically switches to the connected computer.

Now users can create a multi-monitor console and use the mouse to easily switch between channels.


  • Accesses only standard keyboard, mouse and audio interfaces
  • Full keyboard/mouse emulation for each channel
  • Requires no software installation
  • Available as desktop and 19" version
  • Enables computer switching over hotkey
  • Hotkeys can be reprogrammed through the Setup mode, therefore no interference with other applications
  • LEDs at the switch and special LEDs that can be placed on the monitors highlight the accessed computers
  • Bypasses video signals
  • Switches keyboard/mouse, audio, and transparent USB 2.0 signals
  • Highlights active channel using LEDs
  • External switching over RS232 possible


  • Flash upgrade at device


  • available as desktop (DT)- or rRackmount variant (RM)

Video channels

  • TradeSwitch2
  • TradeSwitch4
  • TradeSwitch8

Peripheral connections

  • Available as PS/2 or USB variant (CrossDisplay-Switching only for the USB variant)


Connect the computers to the back side of the device. Distinctive standard cables connect keyboard, mouse, audio and USB interfaces to the switch.

  • Cable length of PS/2 cable sets: 2 m, 5 m
  • Cable length of USB cable sets: 2 m, 5 m

For installing the user console simply connect keyboard and mouse to the intended interfaces. Attach the supplied LED sets to the monitors. This facilitates locating the monitor (computer) to which the keyboard/mouse focus is switched to.

To find out more details about the startup, you can download the TradeSwitch manual.


PrincipleStand-alone KVM switch
MediumStandard cable sets
VariantsFor 2 to 8 computers
ResolutionVideo is bypassed, full keyboard/mouse emulation for each
channel, requires no software installation, delivered with
LEDs for channel display, CrossDisplay-Switching
Further featuresScenario switching
ApplicationControl rooms, broadcast studios

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