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Return your defect devices

Please only return goods that you have purchased directly at G&D North America. If you did not purchase the product directly at G&D North America, please contact your dealer regarding any complaints.

After filling out the form below, you get an automatically generated RMA number. Please do not return any goods without an RMA number. Returns that are sent in without an RMA number are directly returned to the addresser without being processed. Sent in goods that were not purchased at G&D North America cannot be processed and are directly returned to the addresser.

Please take a few minutes

Please use the provided box if the shipping address differs from the address given in your contact data. Please fill out the RMA form. Note that all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields. After you have sent the form, you will immediately receive your RMA number. You will receive an email containing your collected data. Print out the copy, sign it and send it along with your return shipment.

Thank you for your help.

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+49 271 23872-488

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011 800-55096000

We offer more

  • Reliable troubleshooting
  • Professional on-site service
  • Fast repair service
  • Three years of full warranty on components including installation, which is far more than legally required